Our Lady of the Seas Catholic Church
Celebrating the presence of God among us...



On May 17, 2009, a Rosary Garden was dedicated at

Our Lady of the Seas Catholic Church.

It was constructed as a thank you to the Virgin Mary who put life

back into the lifeless body of a newborn son, Andrew.  This came

in response to the deep faith of his mother Carol and his fathers

act of praying the Rosary in petition for their welfare at the

time of Andrew’s birth.  The garden is dedicated to the memory

of Richard Basik’s loving wife, Carol Dean Bacik.


The Rosary Garden lies to the west side of Our Lady of the

Seas Catholic Church in Buxton, North Carolina.  It is

approximately 21 feet in diameter and comprised of circles

of gray colored pavers.  Darker pavers of identifying colors  

were placed to form the likeness of a set of Rosary prayer  



A short walkway accommodates the beginning with

the first paver engraved with a Cross.  Then the pavers

follow forward and around to the right with the Our

Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Our Father, Five Mysteries

and Hail Holy Queen all engraved. 


There is also a four foot statue of Mary in the center of

the garden overlooking the fully engraved Hail Mary

prayer and the ending with the Hail Holy Queen prayer.


Benches are situated for the faithful to sit, pray, meditate

and enjoy the peaceful serenity of viewing the Pamlico




Richard Martin Bacik

~ May 17, 2009 ~ Dedication Day