Our Lady of the Seas Catholic Church
Celebrating the presence of God among us...

-Prayer for Protection during a Storm, Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers


Loving God, maker of heaven and earth,

protect us in your love and mercy.

Send the Spirit of Jesus to be with us

to still our fears and give us confidence.

In the stormy waters,

Jesus reassured his disciples by his presence,

calmed the storm and strengthened their faith.

Guard us from harm during this storm

and renew our faith to serve you faithfully.

Give us the courage to face all difficulties

and the wisdom to see the ways

your Spirit binds us together in mutual assistance.

With confidence we make our prayer through Jesus Christ,

our Lord.



January 24, 2013


Good Afternoon,


Crews Continue to Make Progress on N.C. 12 in Dare County.  Before traveling to our island please check NCDOT website https://apps.ncdot.gov/newsreleases/details.aspx?r=7484  to get the up to date reports on the road Highway 12 & the Ferry which travels the Hatteras Inlet.  You can also find them on Face Book as well.  https://www.facebook.com/NCDOTNC12?ref=ts&fref=ts

Last report the Dept. of Transportation announced that they completed the bags to rebuild the dunes on January 21, 2013 at the "S Curve" and are now dumping sand on top of the bags to gain the height. This repair will continue until the desired height is reached. The ferry schedule can also be found on the above website should you desire to travel to Ocracoke Island.

N.C. 12, which has been temporally suspended  until the dredging of the channel is completed. To reach Ocracoke the only ferry running will be from Swans Quarter http://www.ncdot.gov/nc12/


November 1, 2012

Good Morning everyone,

This is going to be a one time post to help answer some questions we have received via e-mail.  Internet came back on Tuesday along with cell coverage. Bless those men & women who are working so hard to restore some normalcy. The electric is running thanks to the wonderful job of our Electric Co-op, as well as the water from our water departments and it has been a challenge for all involved. Electric and water service were, for the most part, not interrupted during the storm.

Fr Bob and Molly are well. The church appears to be fine. A more extensive check on the building will be completed in the future, but it did not suffer any damage as far as we know at the moment, but no one has gone underneath yet....snakes....UGH!!!

Wind came from every direction for long periods of time but with very little sound side flooding, which was our saving grace on Hatteras.

Roads are open between the villages but as some of you have seen the roads above the Tri-Village were badly damaged and the only way on or off the island is by ferry. Please stay tuned to 104.1 FM for news, local or questions. Also our local on-line news paper, islandfreepress.org has been doing a fantastic job on getting the info and pictures on line. Check it out on local news.

The repairs on the breach located north of the 'temporary bridge' by the visitor center-old park service housing will be addressed. At the 'S' turn right before Mirlo Beach the black top road looks like a ribbon and no dunes survived the relentless beating of the ocean there. There is one more breach between Frisco and Hatteras Village but that too will be repaired in the near future. Oregon Inlet Bridge will be inspected but at the present time Highway 12 is closed to Hatteras Island. NCDOT has projected that repairs to Highway 12 may take until Thanksgiving to be complete.

This is a big issue because it makes traveling on and off the island by ferry only again. We can only pray that the ferry channels don't shoal which could cause the Ferry's to get stuck on the trips to and from Rodanthe and Stumpy Point. A very long trip. So bring a book, or games when you are traveling back home here or visit.

Will try an update but I do suggest you keep your eyes on islandfreepress.org . Many thanks for your prayers and wish everyone safe travels back to the island when that time comes.

Monetary Hurricane Donations

Monetary Donations for the victims here on Hatteras Island

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Our Lady of the Seas

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United Methodist Men

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Another place where you can help OBX is Interfaith Community Outreach. Please go to their link to get info on what they need.



And of course to read what is happening moment by moment, day by day please check out our local on-line news Island Free Press.



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